About me - Miriam Lindholm

Quit my job to pursue a long life dream to run my own company and being able to live anywhere in the world. From Gothenburg in Sweden where the population is known for their good sense of humor - puns (be aware, one or two might show up here every now and then). Wife to my amazing husband who’s also following his dreams of running his own company. Mother to two daughters born 2 Sept 2017 and 18th Feb 2019.


Aiming to share a bit of everything, ups and downs, glamorous days, not so glamorous days, entrepreneurship, traveling, how to puzzle life priorities, how to forget about puzzling life priorities, what’s inspiring, what’s not so inspiring….experiences, funny stories, puns, puns and more puns.


“Nom nom nom”

Written in our rings to remember us to laugh in life.

“Be one with your sweat.”

Life learned lessen when I lived in Maputo, Mozambique that has helped me a great deal in life. Among other to cope with the heat in the tube when I lived in London. But now even more so when I’ve spent the summer in Dubai. 


“Sister to 4 brothers”

...who inspire me every day together with my parents, sister in laws and my husbands family. 

“Persistence is key....”

...really it is. Never.Give.Up

and “it’s easy to become profitable in Excel”