Pregnancy Update Week 31

As we’re starting to get closer to THE due date I thought I’d have some more regular updates on the pregnancy.

So, what’s going on during this week?

  • size of baby will be about 37 cm and way around 1.76kg at the end of this week. Fruit wise that’s either a winter squash, a large cabbage or a summer cantaloupe depending on the app I check!

  • organs are almost fully developed, lungs take the longest time. Baby just has to gain weight now. AND since I am as well I have retired all trousers and will now attempt a “super comfy clothes but lighten it up with bling bling accessories” kind of life.

  • it’s cramped in my belly and my stomach is now so big that it’s affecting my mobility - word!

  • body may have begun to react with contractions when you do to much which is sign to ease up a bit - well, word again on that one!

  • every breath requires about 20 percent more oxygen and more carbon dioxide. Well, that explains the breathlessness and why I’m so slow!

  • Body is preparing for the delivery and I’ll sleep worse, wake up more often and will have a hard time concentrating. Hmmm, don’t think this is a new one to be honest…haha

  • It’s common to become introvert because of the mental preparation for parenthood and for the delivery - well still not the case, I’ve been dying to socialize because Valeria has been sick and husband has been away travelling.


Week 29 oops I mean week 30

Started writing this a week ago when I was 29 weeks pregnant. But time flew by and here I am being 30 weeks (29+5) pregnant. The summary still applies though….I think

  • Less hormonal and don’t have as many mood swings as I did a couple of weeks ago. This miiiiiigt have something to do with the fact that I basically stopped eating cookies and candy (except for once a week) as I found out I have digestive diabetes. At least my husband thinks so….let’s say no

  • Happier in general…well yes, if you don’t count weird stuff going on right now that is not in my control, I’m generally a much happier person than earlier in the pregnancy.

  • loooots of movement. Yup! Feels like this one is moving more than Valeria did. Maybe a kind warning for what’s to come?….Oh shit!….

  • tired but know my limits…this one definitely applies. You’ll have me resting when Valeria does most of the times. Or bribing her with youtube so that I can rest a bit more, or read books in the bed…haha

  • go easier to bed early. Read 9 preferably 8. Except for when she decides to stay up until 3am because she was getting a cold, or when my husband travels because I find it difficult to fall asleep without him…oh shit..that’s this whole week…lets scrap this point…

  • wake up earlier in the morning… YES! I started waking up before Valeria. Isn’t that charming…  

  • Totallyy fine hanging out by myself…well not this week…I’m one of those mum’s currently that you meet that you can TELL haven’t met anyone for a while and really needs to get out. A little bit starry eyed (from coffee), always smiling (because it’s so nice to get out of the house), overly social (even talks to the cashier for a while which is totally weird in Sweden)


That early fresh morning look while toddler is still sleeping. Normally I would say don’t mind the mess, but DO MIND THE MESS - Me having energy to build Ikea stuff is pretty epic!

Update in pregnancy

My updates of this pregnancy are veeeeery scattered. I’m still coming to terms with me being a mum, none the less, that I’m about to become a mum of two! Realising more and more that this is happening. Strange right?! That it takes some time. I mean it’s not I’m not noticing the pregnancy now that I’m in week 27  

  • Abdicated from trousers most of the time and made friends with leggings and tights - check!

  • getting hard to tie my shoes - check!

  • have energy enough to go out with Valeria tops once a day - check!

  • gestational diabetes - check!

  • Apparently have reached the stage of having the pregnancy glow! (As people around me keep saying which is good because I feel everything other than glowing) check!

  • officially can’t walk unlimited km any longer. 30 min is maximum. - check!

  • Officially found the cosiest sweater/dress on Cos that I’m going to live in this winter - check!



Gestational Diabetes

Here we go - Being 25 weeks pregnant means more check ups and a glucose test. So this week has been a “testing” week (pun definitely intended). I was at the midwife, took some blood tests, measured the belly and listened to the heart beat. Always cool to listen because I still haven’t really realized we have another daughter in there. Felt safe that everything looks okay. 

Then yesterday I did a glucose test. They do this to discover any gestational diabetes you might get when you’re pregnant. When you’re pregnant your body needs 2-3 times more insulin but due to various reasons it might have difficulties producing this. You fast for 8 hours (no food or drinks) then take a blood test, drink a a glucose concentrated drink (200ml that contains 75g of glucose), they take a second blood sample after an hour and then a third blood sample after another hour.

When I did this test during the first pregnancy I had no idea that I was supposed to be there for about 2-3 hours. So when they told me to sit down and wait for 2 hours after the first blood sample I was truly surprised. Then quickly realized I had gotten unexpected chill time of work and then got happy again.

This time I was more prepared and was watching Netflix in a comfy chair to pass the time which was really nice. I wasn’t, however, prepared for the test result - I have gestational diabetes! I mean really?! Have to admit I was pretty confused when the nurse started going through how I have to take my blood sugar 7 times a day the coming two weeks to begin with. My confusion didn’t get any better from the fact I still hadn’t had any breakfast or coffee and it was now 11 am in the morning which means 1+1 to me equaled 5….haha.

So yesterday I had a day of - “what did I do wrong? how could I have prevented this? what do I/We need to do to make it better? How will this effect V2? etc”…

…after this morning when I got further information (I was the only one there) I got back on track - “This is fine! We will definitely fix this! good thing they noticed now! very thankful it will hopefully go away after I give birth! baby is safe! I couldn’t have done anything different! will be interesting to see how my body reacts to different foods through keeping track on blood sugar!”

So here we go


During the test when I had to drink this lovely sugary lime flavoured drink  

My new best friend that will help me keep track!

My new best friend that will help me keep track!

Pregnancy hormones

We have to talk about pregnancy hormones and how they effect me currently! 

How I usually am  

  • Know what I want

  • very to the point

  • make rational and quick decisions

  • very few arguments in general, more discuss things from rational point of views.

  • never cry

How I am when effected by hormones  

  • have no idea what I want

  • need a lot of me/alone time (usually in the morning for some reason)

  • quiet and unsocial

  • make a big thing out of nothing

  • cry like 3 times a day. To the point that my oldest brother has a competition with my husband. Who can get me to cry most times. Which when I’m not hormonal think is hilarious.

Summary = I become the opposite of myself. Luckily this only happens a few hours at a time a few times a week and hasn't taken over my life completely yet......or has it..... mohahhahahah

Pregnancy Week 18

Current mood

  • get surprised every week that time is flying by with this pregnancy...

  • ...but kind of feels nice at the same time as I'm not obsessing about what's happening every day.

  • have so much more energy now than I did before. Might have to do with me asking babysitter to go out with Valeria every day running around with her so I don't have to. Enjoying it as it lasts :)

  • don't have weird pregnancy hormones telling me my husband will leave me and I have to raise the kids myself. (I seriously had this first weeks of first pregnancy)

  • have put away all clothes that doesn't fit me any more AND it's VERY VERY VERY empty in my closet.

  • luckily got a refill of trousers from a kind neighbor that wanted to get rid of some of her clothes.

  • don't have to eat every hour now but carrots are still my life savior.