Update in pregnancy

My updates of this pregnancy are veeeeery scattered. I’m still coming to terms with me being a mum, none the less, that I’m about to become a mum of two! Realising more and more that this is happening. Strange right?! That it takes some time. I mean it’s not I’m not noticing the pregnancy now that I’m in week 27  

  • Abdicated from trousers most of the time and made friends with leggings and tights - check!

  • getting hard to tie my shoes - check!

  • have energy enough to go out with Valeria tops once a day - check!

  • gestational diabetes - check!

  • Apparently have reached the stage of having the pregnancy glow! (As people around me keep saying which is good because I feel everything other than glowing) check!

  • officially can’t walk unlimited km any longer. 30 min is maximum. - check!

  • Officially found the cosiest sweater/dress on Cos that I’m going to live in this winter - check!