Does and Don'ts when travelling with baby

Thinking about our upcoming trip I thought I’d write down a few tips of travelling with a kid. 4 hours on a plane + 5 hour car drive on top of that with a soon to be 1 year old...not sure I was in an okay state of mind when I actually booked this. 

Waiting for one of her first flights when she still didn't like to hang out in the baby carrier

Waiting for one of her first flights when she still didn't like to hang out in the baby carrier

What you shouldn’t do

  • accidentally check in your phone (in these cases it’s perfectly fine to ask a complete stranger if you can log into his Facebook to write to your husband as you embarrassingly don’t remember your husbands phone number….who remembers phone numbers these days)

  • be tired - you need the energy to focus on your kid. If you're tired drink all the coffee in the world.

What you don’t have any control of

  • poop, sorry, it had to be said but you Absolutely Don’t Have Control Over Poop. It’s totally fine though, cause you will learn how to change a diaper on a tiny changing table in the planes toilette. And if you’re lucky the baby has perfect timing to do so whilst landing for which all passengers will get off the plane more quickly as to avoid the smell.

  • one of those days - they’re just babies and tend to be tiny bit unpredictable. If it’s one of those days when nothing seems to work, have an extra coffee and try everything from the “what you can do” list at least 100 times. All of a sudden something will work.

  • delays - if this happens, do NOT look at the time wishing it will go faster. Zoom out and get super involved in playing with your baby. 

What you can do (or should I say, what you think you can do)

  • entertain her with books, sing songs, show favorite show on phone, tell her random stories about what's going on.
  • bring food and snacks. Preferably something that takes her a long time to eat etc.
  • let her play with the belt and chew on it (perfect for teething kids and building up immune system) 
  • give her to one of the flight attendants if you need to go to the bathroom.
  • board first if you're sitting by the window (they usually let you do this) If you're sitting in the isle board last. Then you don't have to get up when she's finally fallen asleep in case a passenger next to you is late boarding.
  • book last seat in the back - usually you get the whole isle for yourself as no one voluntarily books it unless plane is full. 

I have a million tips (also serious ones) so feel free to contact me directly.