Nursing Fog

So…yes…it’s real…there’s also a nursing fog…or what is more known as a nursing brain… AND I’m actually about to step out of it….walking out of it…or running out of it in full steam…

…I blame my silence here on the nursing fog. Because I do actually enjoy writing I realized…and you of course enjoy reading!

I’m at the point of stopping breastfeeding. Vienna is now over 6 months and a couple of weeks ago I literally woke up one day and discovered that I’m fed up with it, I’m done, finito, klar! You might think that she should have something to say about this and she has…for 6 months…but not any more. For me to keep sane I need to stop and she needs to eat. So….that I can start working again….meaning being away from home full days. Having had two toddlers close to each other (thankful everything has gone well so far), I’m now DESPERATE to start working full time again. So this is exactly what I have done!

But that’s another post.

This post is dedicated to the wonderful experiences created by the nursing fog…

  • sometimes picking up my phone or opening up a web browser only to have forgotten what I was going to do.

  • my 3+ cups of coffee per day trying and wake up from it

  • walking up and down the stairs in the house as I c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y forget something

  • ….or walking in and out of the house as I’m leaving as I c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y forget something

  • my constant eating…no ending to it…always…

  • …and no, for me nursing doesn’t make me loose all of the kg I gained. My body goes into survival mood and needs all the energy it can get.

  • not caring about all the ugly nursing bras I’ve had to wear because I’ve been in the fog…..(fixing this now..stay tuned…)

So, here we go - thank you and goodbye breastfeeding for this time. Thank you for working very well and helping my baby daughter to grow.

Now, I’ll be honest…..I’m not very keen on seeing you again…but never say never…