What type of packer are you?

After my last flight I came to think of packing. Such an interesting topic right? I mean packing your luggage, unpacking luggage, how much do you bring etc etc disregard if it’s travelling with work or for leisure. 

  • The “packs their luggage in time” person. Packs a week ahead of the trip. Usually has coordinated everything down to outfits assigned to each day and everything is neatly placed in the suitcase. Unpacks the same day as they get back, does laundry and there will be no trace of any travelling having been done within 3 hours of arriving back home again. 
  • The “packs 3 days a head”person. Usually checks in their suit case because they have had time to add things to their suitcase everyday before travelling. So it ends up being a big bag instead of hand luggage. Brings extra outfits in case one changes their minds about what to wear. Takes them the same amount of time to unpack when they arrive home.
  • The “Packs the evening before” person. Only in rare cases does this person check in their bag. (As in if they’re forced to by the gate) 
  • The  “Packs the same morning” person. Usually manages to get some things in there but also usually not. This person rarely unpacks at all as she/he is a frequent traveller. 

What kind of packer are you? and which one do you think I am?