Learnings from birthday parties

We’ve had a weekend filled with birthday parties. Both Saturday and Sunday. It’s been....lets call it interesting.

Interesting as in when you use it in the English language for when something isn’t interesting at all but rather catastrophic! Not like when you use it in the Swedish language and actually mean that it’s interesting. 


  • Valeria will not sleep at all during days like these. 
  • Drink an extra cup of coffee as Valeria will not sleep at all during those days
  • other kids at parties are amazing because the effect of “acting as a herd”  kicks in and they all run around following each other.
  • I will not disturb my daughter when she’s in the “acting as a herd” mood. She wants to be left alone and continuously walk up and down stairs if there are any. If disturbed she will throw herself backwards and scream without any thought that she will hit the floor.
  • Did I mention she didn’t sleep at all during these days... 



Best part of the weekend, when my husband made me a sandwich. Mostly cause I would eat his otherwise but any ways :) 


My bump is starting to be useful finally 😂🙌