...hanging around (pun definitely intended). What should I do with them? Realising more and more that  

  1. most of my clothes don’t fit me at the moment so there’s no point in keeping them in my warderobe.  
  2. Sorting them out is definitely an option but are they even worth saving? will I even wear them again?
  3. it took me about 6 months to get into them again after the first pregnancy
  4. at which time I realised that most of my clothes were work related and not very suitable or comfortable to sit on floors (entertaining the baby) in...
  5. and that most of them will be out of fashion by the next time they will fit me...
  6. and I don’t even think they will be appropriate for the climate I’m planning on living in then...

Who wants some clothes?!!!! 


a less successful attempt ordering some maternity clothes from Asos.