Importance of Swedish Fika

Let’s talk about something serious!  


  • It’s the phenomenon you’ve probably never heard of if you haven’t been to Sweden.  
  • ....and to be honest can mean some dirty words in other languages. 
  • It’s what drives the staff at work because they get that caffein kick during the day on a regular basis to keep them going. 
  • It’s what brings people together in general - a forum to whine, solve world problems, come up with new world problems, talk about more important stuff such as diets, how you are refurbishing your house etc. 

How it’s done?  

  • Twice a day, usually around 10am and 3pm.  
  • Drink either coffee or tea (although you will be frowned upon if you drink tea) 
  • eat the pastry offered, usually a cinnamonbun or something similar. Don’t decline the pastry, you will be frowned upon again. 

 Proof of importance - it’s scheduled even today at a startup conference that I’m at. See below. 


Other proof of importance  - when I worked as a management consultant Mostly working with municipalities I was usually interrupted when it was time for Fika. If I arrived to the client at 9.30 they stopped me at 10am saying it’s time for Fika. 

Why shorten hours you work per day when you can increase the amount of Fika