Pregnancy hormones

We have to talk about pregnancy hormones and how they effect me currently! 

How I usually am  

  • Know what I want

  • very to the point

  • make rational and quick decisions

  • very few arguments in general, more discuss things from rational point of views.

  • never cry

How I am when effected by hormones  

  • have no idea what I want

  • need a lot of me/alone time (usually in the morning for some reason)

  • quiet and unsocial

  • make a big thing out of nothing

  • cry like 3 times a day. To the point that my oldest brother has a competition with my husband. Who can get me to cry most times. Which when I’m not hormonal think is hilarious.

Summary = I become the opposite of myself. Luckily this only happens a few hours at a time a few times a week and hasn't taken over my life completely yet......or has it..... mohahhahahah