How to survive playgrounds

I've come to the point, the point where I'm starting to hang out at playgrounds so that Valeria can run around. It makes a huge difference to her mood.


Problem, or should I say challenge (as I like to view things from the more positive side) is that I think it's really boring at playgrounds. Even when I was little I preferred to stay inside and play on my neighbors computer game instead of going out. 

But I mean, let's face it, I have to go out with her, it makes her happy, so started thinking of things that make it more fun. 

  • Go all in and pretend I'm a kid myself and join in. Can be a bit hard though in the playgrounds not very suitable for grownups. Specially the swings as my bum tends to grow in the same speed as my belly at the moment which means they're NOT super comfortable to sit in.
  • Bring lots of coffee and sit and chill on the side. Although coffee tends to make things more fun this is NOT ideal as she runs around and has no perspective at the moment what so ever on what she can and can't do. 

But yesterday I realized the absolute win win - get back-up! Call as many as possible! You can hang out whilst you run after your kids and sometimes a sort of flock behavior is created and they run after each other. 


More tips anyone?