Bad Mum or Superwoman?

You know when you read or hear something and it just feels like the biggest epiphany every! Like it was meant to be, like this is what you’ve waited for your whole life (or at least a year) and that you finally feel at home and like things are making sense.

I had this feeling reading the book “Dålig mamma eller superkvinna”. It translates to “Bad mum or superwoman”. Unfortunately only exists in Swedish so far.


Therese Albrechtson has written the book together with Maria Otterling. Therese compiles her own and other women’s experiences to highlight the challenges that affect women who want to have a career at the same time as having a family.

I’M JUST IN LOVE with it so I will have to share some bits. Maybe it will even be a regular type of post….mohhahahaha!!!!!

Stay tuned - will publish some of my favourite bits the coming days.  

  AND have to say - the interviewed women in the book are all my new role models now and source of inspiration.