Brain undermining my well-being

Why does my brain undermine the well-being of my body sometimes?

I came to think of this yesterday. Been super tired the last couple of evenings and just chilled after putting Valeria to sleep. But yesterday it hit me, I have to go to the gym! Although it doesn’t happen as frequently as before my work outs do happen but in slightly different forms

  • Wrestling Valeria when she doesn’t want to go home from the playground

  • Trying to change her diaper

  • Running after Valeria at playgrounds

  • Doing a form of squats when playing silly games such as squatting and sounding like a lion at the same time. For some reason she thinks this is hilarious so I do it a million times (she has to be messing with me)

So yesterday I decided not to listen to my brain and just went. And it actually felt amazing! and this morning I felt even more amazing!


Will stop listening to my brain and just go.