Holiday Issues


Given the incredibly rainy weather today I started thinking about holidays. And when things doesn’t really go as planned. I have a couple in mind

  • when you pack last minute and can’t find your passport. Was sure it was in one place, still couldn’t find it. Luckily I could make a temporary one. (Found it years later inside a folder that was in that place - who puts a passport in a folder) 
  • accidentally checked in my phone. Note - I have all my cards on my phone and it was NOT a direct flight. Was first time flying by myself with Valeria. 
  • booked return flight for the wrong day (realised when trying to check in at the airport)
  • booked ticket to the wrong city (realised on the way to the airport) 
  • countless stomach bugs for which my best friend for a while was “Imodium” 
  • denied entry on flight due to missing yellow fever card
  •  Couldn’t find my passport again...
  • Gone to be wrong airport... 

 What holiday issues have you had?