We all have superpowers

I believe we all have superpowers. Maybe not powers such as flying, being incredible strong or the ability to become invisible. Although these things would all be very useful. Imagine if you could just fly with your kid anywhere without having to go through customs, chase them around the airport, entertain them in your lap for a couple of hours (because they only seem to fall asleep in their bed these days) waiting for luggage...well you get my point. Just picking up the luggage and kid and then flying yourself to the destination of your choice would be absolutely amazing!

Back to the point - I think we all have superpowers - things or should I say qualities that allow us to switch to that extra gear in times of need. 

Superpowers such as...

  • being able to ignore that extra sweat that seems to produce in liters whenever you're about to have an important interview or presentation. 
  • having the guts to quit that job that you're not happy with although you don't have anything new on the table
  • working those extra hours just to reach your goal despite not having slept the whole night because you might be worrying about them 
  • finding that extra energy when your partner is also tired and share
  • ignoring your fears and doing things anyway
  • not giving up
Hiking in Abisko earlier this summer.

Hiking in Abisko earlier this summer.

The one I have? - being able to ignore the person next to me although they are chewing extremely loud (I really have to make an effort here)