What do you need to recharge?

Let's face it, I need to recharge my batteries on a regular basis. At the moment on a much more regular basis than before. Specially when that extra coffee isn't helping.


Weekends used to be a way for me to recharge. But to be honest, weekends are usually the same as weekdays at the moment with the exception of my husband being at home - which is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! (can you be addicted to a person? I think I'm obsessed...)

Methods to recharge...USED TO BE

  • Going out partying with my friends until late in the morning
  • Sleeping all day or watching series for a full day
  • Going to the gym

The ones I've found so far NOW

  • Going to the gym - this one is still there
  • Meeting up for coffee or "fika" with someone. (If you don't speak Swedish google it)
  • Definitely date nights with my husband, or date weekends are even better (nights are not ideal at the moment as I still get tired being 19 weeks pregnant)
  • A weekend in the forest - coming up with my brother! Walking, walking, walking and sleeping in a tent is just like magic. 

Trying to come up with other creative things I can do that doesn't require as much planning or a babysitter - any tips?!