Current Parental Hacks

  • Putting a plastic carpet underneath her chair in the kitchen. One of those you normally use under office chairs to make them roll better. Result = so much easier to clean underneath when she consistently keeps dropping food. Thank you sister-in-law for that tip!

  • Playground that has fences. Disregard how little the opening is to the entrance of the playground my daughter wants to run out if it's not closed.

  • Babysitter in the day rather than the evening. I for one am so tired in the evenings any way. So if I go out for dinner it’s a snooze party.

  • Do not make any decisions before I had my morning coffee…I tend to get super emotional and things seem a lot tougher to do without it. Life savior!

  • “Good enough” is ringing in my ear right now - something that I funnily enough despised before because I was always going to be the best! Delivery pizza for lunch? Yes please make it 2!

  • Think - what would I do today if I was alone?…to get ideas of what to do…then modify (as going to a spa might not be the most suitable place for a one year old) and just do it. Most of the times for me currently it’s going to “open pre-school” which is a hang out place for other parents and kids. You can talk to people (or be quiet if you prefer) and your kid can run around and play with toys they don’t normally see. What my daughter did last time? Was obsessed with going up and down the stairs to the slide, no going down the slide, just up and down the slide…..for hours…..

  • Make funny pictures on the phone - although she still seems grumpy sometimes at least she seems interested…haha

  • Taught her how to eat food cold, so I don’t have to heat it up every time.