Trying to get things done

Having a one year old at home is truly a challenge. Not because she doesn’t sleep, eat or is happy etc because she is. But because of the irregularity of everything at the moment. I might have planned to do something one day and everything gets thrown into the air because she decided to change it. 

Let me elaborate further - she can have slept exactly the same hours everyday for two weeks but that one day that I have a phone meeting during this time, she decides it's not at all time to sleep yet and just changes her whole schedule. 

Coming to think of it it's like having a full time job and doing something on the side. Except this full time job is a bit more unreliable with the hours than an ordinary one. So maybe more like being a full time doctor who’s trying to start something on the side but regularly gets called in for emergencies.

Be creative and flexible is the solution for me at least. And not to give up - the day isn't completely over because it didn't go as I planned I just have to try again later. 

Never! Give! Up!