How tired are you?

Isn't it boring to talk about how tired you are?

I think it's soooo boring to talk about how tired I am. At least lately. So I banned the answer. When my husband and I ask each other how we are (which happens multiple times a day) we're not allowed to say that we're tired. I mean, if it's a default state why mention it. It's not like it's going to help us. We already know we're tired so why even talk about it. Feels like it will just reinforce the feeling if you know what I mean. 

We did the same with work once. When asking what are you thinking about we weren't allowed to say work. Instead we used the synonym trees. Could go something like this

- Darling what are you thinking about?

- Trees

- Ah, trees are lovely - green, pretty and creates air

- True!

And then we were thinking about trees all of a sudden rather than work = mission completed!


One of those very tired days...

One of those very tired days...