My Inner Nerd

I've always loved stats. Or maybe not ALWAYS but since I found out about stats I loved them. Mainly because it shows me tangible results of what I've done. And yes, I like to see results of things.

For example when Valeria was born it felt like I wasn't doing anything. From having had high performing jobs earlier with clear views of the results I all of a sudden felt lost. My husband told me that feeding our daughter was the top job I could ever have - I made sure she was alive! Although very cute and it helped in the moment (for like 10 min) it didn't really do it for me in the long-term. I mean, it's the same when my parents tell me they think I'm good at something - they have to, they're my parents, so I just don't trust that!

So I created my own stats. I used an app and started registering when I fed her and when she slept. You could even use it to register diaper change, but that was a little too much even for me. 

Fun facts and stats (One day = 24 hours)

  • In October I breastfed her 368 times!
  • Some days I breastfed her 9 hours/day. But usually it was more like 4-5 hours/day
  • She slept an average of 15 hours/day (Absolutely not consecutive, rather 2h at a time) 

Total hours of breastfeeding/day week 2


Sleeping pattern during week 2


    Didn't stop keeping stats until I accidentally checked in my phone first time flying with Valeria - but that's another story...

    What's your inner nerd?