Getting out of the house

This may seem like a weird title but if you have kids you might feel the same. Could just be me of course that sometimes have days where I’ve booked something, it gets cancelled and then it seems like the day has just disappeared and it’s easier to just stay at home instead. 

My tips and tricks to get out of the house  of course my very professional opinion: 

  • Drink an extra cup of coffee in the morning and mentally set your mind the night before on what you're going to do.
  • Start getting ready 2 hours before you actually have to leave the house. 
  • Be prepared to have to change diaper and clothes just before you're leaving. As it for some reason always tends to happen then.
  • If baby is screaming just rush and get out quickly because they will magically be quiet as soon as you get out.
  • Call for backup like a parent or friend. And worst case someone that will help you.
  • If that doesn't work, give up and give it a go tomorrow

We succeeded this morning, went to kidssongthingi and then had pancake lunch