Fitting in

When I lived in London ages ago I discovered something funny. It was one of those things that you really don't care about in London but that I had spent a lot of time (unconsciously) thinking about in Sweden - should I wear ballerina shoes today or not?

Most often related to the temperature outside but with a certain confusion in London as it never went lower than 10 degrees in November/December. Also with a certain confusion as I was rarely walking outside as I spent most of the day either in a transportation vehicle such as the tube or a warm Uber cab. 

I realized I had a need to simply fit in and that's why I was thinking about it. It wasn't until I walked among people I realized how well trained my eyes were to scan what everyone was wearing, just to find someone wearing the same so I could feel "pew it's ok to wear what I'm wearing". 

I quickly discovered though that people in London wear what the f*ck they want. Even when the temperatures went a bit lower and it actually became cold (5 degrees is cold in London) I still saw people in ballerinas, no tights, shorts etc. There was no unison style in London such as in Sweden. Could it be because there are just too many people in he same place. 

My need to fit in disappeared.