Holiday learnings

We've traveled a lot with our daughter - I mean - A LOT! But it's not until this last trip that we realized the basics of travelling and the true success of holidays (for us at least)

= travel with other families/people - the more the merrier.

Why? Because the more adults and kids there are, the more entertained our own child will be, the less energy we will spend on entertaining her, and there are more people to hang out with for us as parents (we usually make new friends in holidays but who has time for that now with a kid) = win win for every one!

Why didn't we realize this until now? Well, most of our trips have been to visit friends or family. Never to just be us by ourselves. So we didn't really crack that code until now. Well better now than never.

Friends and family - you will hear from us whether you want or not - we will try to book a trip with you in the coming future! We're great at entertaining kids on the airplane - just look at the picture below. What kid doesn't like air conditioning...hehe