Envisioned beach hangout vs. What really happens

Beach holiday with a soon to be one year old = full body workout for us!

I'm not kidding - I even had soreness in my muscles the day after and I'm even stretching to release some of the stiffness in my body at the moment. 

It goes something like this - you set up your "beach station" = parasol, mats on the sand, toys like bucket and spade so she can play in the sand, snacks, you name it. And you envision how she stays there in the shadow playing in the sand with the bucket and spade and you can partly work on a bit of a tan next to her (I envisioned this at least). 

....what really happens = you set up your "beach station" whilst she's still in the stroller. When you take her out of the stroller you wrestle to get her into the UV protection swimwear and thank god that you put on sun lotion at home and don't have to do this on the beach. She barely looks at the bucket and spade but start walking around the sand a bit unsteady at first but then with more balance as she tends to pick up things super fast. She heads down towards the water for which you're quickly on your feet to follow and try to teach her to hold your hand at the same time. After this it becomes a bit of a running competition because all of a sudden she seems to have learned how to run and off you go. Up and down, in and out of the water, picking up tiny stones (that are very unsafe to chew on for which you try to teach her a "throw the rock game" as to try to get her not to eat them but throw them instead) and walking up to random peoples surfboards and wanting to stand on them. You are exhausted... So you bring her back to your "beach station", bribe her with a cookie or two for which she sits still for 5 min so you can catch your breath (remember, I'm 16 weeks pregnant and yes, I therefore have to catch my breath), and then you do it all over again. 

But then when you've packed everything in the car again, going back to your hotel and you give her some food on the way as it's way past her dinner time, she is sooooo tired that she falls asleep with food in her hand = WIN! and it was all worth it! 

And the next morning you have an extra cup of coffee to do it all over again.