Parental instinct

When you wake up and notice your baby has a million mosquito bites and your parental instinct kicks in and you just want to karate kick those mosquitoes out of our room!  So you run around the room looking for them but can't find a single one. And for some reason they seem to prefer babies cause you didn't get a single bite although she got like 20! 


You've prepared for the next night and thoroughly searched the room (although you didn't find any this time either) and come up with the brilliant idea to dress her in pajamas. The following morning she seems to only have gotten two more on her face until you change her clothes and realize the d*mn mosquito have bitten through the pajamas! So you run around the room again prepared to karate kick them but still you can't find a single one. 

So you walk down to the reception with your daughter (for maximum effect as she looks terrible now with all the bites, although she's strangely happy still). As you carefully suggest there might be bedbugs in the room (remember you didn't get any bites yourself) the hotel staff's attitude changes and they all become in action mood (and insist they do not have bed bugs). For the next night they've rolled in a fancy air conditioning (apparently mosquito's don't like the cold), two lights that will draw the mosquito's too them and then electrify them and some scent that will prevent them from coming into the room in the first place. 

Next morning = no new bites = happy parents and a parental instinct that's calmed down!