We made it!

It was so traumatic travelling yesterday that I’m trying to forget already. 

No, just kidding! We made it, we got here and came to the cutest little Portuguese village (also with a lot of English tourists of course) called Burgau. 

still blurry due to banana stuck on my phone...

still blurry due to banana stuck on my phone...


We had a typical “she didn’t want to fall asleep on the plane and when she finally did she only slept 30 min when she can sleep up to 2h” situation. But I also had the non typical passengers around = happy families with kids who are a bit older = more entertainment for Valeria.  4 hours later with tonnes of reading, coffee drinking before flight, watching YouTube, singing and then doing everything all over again and we landed = count this as a win!

AND then after a pretty ok car rental pick up we met Peter at the airport. Gosh - I missed him during these two weeks! 

The Drive

You know the person who always think they’ve been everywhere. Guilty! Peter had to remind me over and over that we haven’t been here. Well, it was a beautiful car drive and even though he’s done 3 overnight flights in a week (not kidding and yes he’s a bit crazy which is one of the reasons I love him) he drove the first couple of hours. Coffee hyped as I was he got a good chatty passenger who told him all the important things that had happened the last two weeks. And Valeria slept for like half the way!


When we arrived...

...we defied Valeria’s sleeping schedule (if you have kids you know how hard you work to even have one in the first place!) and went out for dinner. Did we have an overly tired baby in the stroller for the whole dinner with us cause she can’t fall asleep in the stroller? Yes! Did we feed her with as much bread and pizza she wanted to eat as to keep her happy. Also yes! 

Did she sleep longer this morning because she fell asleep 4 hours later yesterday then she usually does? No! Welcome to parenthood 😂