Guilty foods and series

Food you enjoy but are to embarrassed to tell others about. I bet we all have them - unconsciously perhaps but we definitely all have them. 

When it comes to food I have to admit I wasn’t a fine taster growing up. I was hugely impressed by the pasta carbonara my husband made me on one of our first dates (maybe a bit too impressed). And my favourite dish growing up was fish sticks in sausage bun bread with lots of ketchup on. Invented by one of my brothers and I. 

So it might not come as a shock when I tell you my guilty food is pasta, with melted cheese and ketchup. Yup! 

when it comes to series and movies normally I’m a huge fan of action. The more action the better. My favourite series is “strike back” and when it comes to movies the favourites are “London Falling” and  ”avengers infinity war”. But, if I’m alone, at home, sick or just need some cheering up, I put on a completely different genres -  Dancing series, absolutely love them.


They say you should do things that makes you happy in life - well pasta, cheese, ketchup and dance series are it for me! They just make me feel happy!