First pregnancy vs. Second pregnancy

First pregnancy

  • Took pictures every week to follow progress of stomach.
  • Had three different apps to check what happened in the development of the baby and what size fruit baby was each week (yup, fruit)
  • Was really fascinated by how the body was changing.
  • Went above and beyond hiding pregnancy until 13 weeks. Every time we went out (lived in London at the time) I pretended to drink and went to the bathroom to pour out the drink every now and then. Husband had strict orders not to order shots (never! say! no! to! a shot!).
  • Couldn’t wait to get off work as I was so tired.


Second pregnancy

  • Took first picture at 15 weeks (the one below)
  • Might check one app every now and then, deleted the others due to space issues on my iphone....
  • Body changing = omg how is this gonna go
  • No effort whatsoever to hide pregnancy at weddings or parties even early on. Husband okay to order shots but one with water for me.
  • Can’t wait to work as it takes less energy than taking care of our daughter.


15 weeks pregnant



15 weeks pregnant