How to survive the London tube


Went to London the other day and came to think about when I lived there. More specifically - the tube - the love hate kind of relationship we had. Couldn’t live with it, couldn’t live without it. Thought I was an awesome commuter before living in London, so used to it from having lived in both Gothenburg and Stockholm.


Wasn’t even aware of it until I had friends over from Sweden to visit me. Panic, panic in their eyes as we were went down into the tube. The kind of panic I realized I pretend not to have when you move to London, or that you’re not even aware of having except for being extremely tired in the evenings when you come back home again. It’s not until you’ve had friends over that you realize that you’ve actually gotten used to it and they have not! 

  1. They bump into everything and everyone

  2. They are like a sock in a washing machine when you're on the tube

  3. You have to wait for them to top up their Oyster cards as they haven't realized you can use contactless debitcards

  4. They talk about how sweaty the tube is (deal with it and become one with your sweat)