One of those days...and silly competitions


What do you do when you have one of those days when nothing is going your way and you really don’t feel like doing anything? The thought of actually doing something bores you.

My kid have those days, All.The.Time. Or should I say, has those feelings at least a couple of times every day at the moment and sometimes even every hour. She just had one, which is why I came to think of it.

At this point I’m not stuck in an office like I used to be and to be honest, I haven’t really gotten into the routine of getting a couple of hours of work done every day. It’s more about survival game for me at this point (you'll find out why in the future). And that’s totally okay cause I know I’ll have time later to get to all the things in my to-do list that is categorized according to priority. Everything that has to be done at this point I ask, is it more of a priority than the other thing - yes, no? if not I let it go.

How much can you fool your brain that doing boring things are fun? You know that person that never seems to think things are boring..... that annoying person, that annoying positive person..... that annoying positive person that also usually has a team chant..... that annoying positive person that usually has a team chant and is competitive on top of that and nagging everyone about silly made up competitions to get things done?..... I rest my case, I think you get it. I’m that person! Have to say it makes life more fun though.

“You have to go to the gym 5 times a week (at least 30 min) otherwise you have to do the laundry for 3 months” competition. Yes - we’ve done it a couple of times my husband and I. Did it work? Yes! Did either of us do any laundry during this time we had the competition….nope...