Uses of my belly

As belly is just growing and growing and growing and GROWING I figured I’d better start making use of it. I mean it WILL disappear again so might as well enjoy it these last couple of weeks.

  • I have a private coffe table at all times!

  • Valeria has a pillow available at ALL the times. Although it’s not as comfortable when she sits infront of me and leans back. Her head ends up being above the belly so it’s not high enough if you know what I mean.

  • It’s a good conversation starter where people usually say - “Oh, when are you expecting?” and I shock them with saying something like “Oh no, I’m not pregnant I’m just fat” and then laugh really badly by the shock in their face.

  • For some reason it IS VERY satisfying rubbing it. Oh AND I can lean my hands on it. So if you’re one of those people who doesn’t know what to do with your hands most of the times you would definitely enjoy being pregnant.

  • Can’t really see my toes so can’t really see the bad pedicure I did (by myself). The perfect cover up!

  • Always something going on if I’m bored. Since she’s moving a lot I can just sit back and enjoy the spectacly as it looks like I have an alien in my belly trying to get out sometimes….