Valeria 15 months

Not only was it husbands birthday but Valeria also turned 15 months. On her monthly birthdays we usually wake her up with presents, cake and singing….NOT!…

To be honest I have to count the months every time someone asks but since soooo much happens with her development I thought I’d list a few things.

Eat - She eats what we eat. Meaning exactly just that, I eat pasta carbonara, she eats pasta carbonara, I eat pizza, she eats pizza, I eat fish grating, she eats fish grating. It’s probably more what she eats that I DON’T eat. She eats fruitbars, I don’t, she eats white bread, I don’t, she eats “majskrokar”, I don’t, well ok, sometimes just one, they’re so weird but oh so effective to keep her busy when she’s cranky.

Sleep - sleeps once during the day after lunchtime, usually for 1.5-2h but sometimes randomly 3h. Then falls asleep during the night about 8pm - 7 or 8am. I’m very hesitant to write this because it feels like everytime I write something about her sleeping habits she senses it and goes all wild starting to wake up in the nights, refusing to sleep in the evenings, stuff like that!

Plays with - books, loves her toothbrush, postcards. Specially walks around with the postcard if he’s on it saying daddy (when he travels).

Things she does - hides behind my back when I sit on the floor, and plays pick a boo. Wakes up on the wrong side sometimes, screams and nothing can save her except for ipad.

Things she says - a lot of random stuff that I have no clue what it means but also a lot of “nose”, “daddy”, up, down, book, shoes etc. All in Swedish at the moment.

There you go, latest update!