Christmas time!

It is Christmas time and this year I’m going all in with decorations (mainly myself in the form of dangly earrings).  

Its dark and it’s cold here in Sweden but heck I’m pregnant and super warm at the moment and tired any ways so fitting in just perfectly 🙌  

Presents are done and now chilling out whilst hubby is solving his list whilst Valeria is having the time of her life with grandma and cousins. Couldn’t get any better.  

We are so used to flying with Valeria that I was actually a bit nervous about driving all the way up here yesterday. But it went like a charm (so must go really bad when we go back again). She was happy reading and playing by herself the first 1.5h, got 30 min of time after that with the iPad when she got cranky, then stayed to have lunch at a burger place. After that she slept for the next like 2.5h and the last hour she was all happy again looking out of the window (most likely at all the lights as it was dark now)...

...oh and was constantly giving her snacks. That’s probably what did it in the end....haha!  

Good start of Christmas celebrations!