Pregnancy Update Week 33

…IT’s soooo different this week….just kidding, it’s pretty much the same as the last one. BUT last week entailed super interesting ultra delux things such as

  • embracing different Christmas looks right now such as looking as much as christmas decorations as possible.

  • a lot of sparkly and dangling earings

  • stretchy closefit dresses for some reason makes me feel least big at this point

  • went for a new hairdo and cut it all of. Figured it was time to do something new and this was an attempt to look glamourous with least amount of effort.

  • went to social hangouts with friends and family everyday. I go a bit crazy when I don’t see anyone else but Valeria for a whole day. Specially when husband is travelling. Figured it was going to be crazy when I booked but turned out I got more energy and didn’t get more tired from doing it. So definitely a winning concept!

  • went to a super cozy Lucia concert for families in a church here. Although it was very similar to flying with Valeria (read “had to entertain her contently so she didn’t wriggle down to run around in the church”) it was only 30 min and I of course managed to become super emotional as I used to sing in so many of these concerts and here I was sitting with my daughter who was experiencing it for the first time!