THE week

You know that feeling when you’re restless and you want to try something new? I’ve been having that lately. Sooooooo this week has been a week of testing my limits, a week of socializing everyday due to two reasons

  1. Husband travelling all week (I should be used to this but miss him everytime)

  2. Wanted to test my boundaries, or rather how much energy I have currently. As my energy levels have been up and down they’ve lately been more on the up side. If I chill I do get really tired, but I love hanging out with people so figured I’d test my limits a bit. Worst case I could just cancel plans.

What did I do?

  • Socialized E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y! Either at home or at someone elses house. This used to be my normal everyday life but being pregnant, having a toddler and trying to get a business going doesn’t always leave energy for that…you get my point (the latter is more on hold).

  • Did Christmazy things such as christmas concerts and wearing dangly earings

  • Focus on Valeria getting to meet lots of kids. She loves it! Need daycare now so she can run around and play with everyone

How did it go?

  • Awesome!

  • Happy kid happy mom

  • Definitely a few meltdowns (on both our ends) but I’d rather have it with other people than by ourselves. I’m telling you again collective living is my thing.

  • Didn’t get more tired, had the same amount of energy left in the evenings a if I’m home all day (if not more), and a little bit happier mental wise!

Definitely doing it all again next week!




Hung out with sheep


Did Christmassy things  


Played with other kids toys 🙌