As we’re coming closer to the due date of V2 there is definitely a lot of mental processing going on at my end. It’s like the brain is adjusting for her to arrive with all that it means, change, sleepless nights, all the planning around it etc. etc. And with that I feel more and more prepared.

This week I realized something in perticular. I need a hard deadline this time for going to focus full time on my business. Last time I didn’t know if I wanted to go back to my old job but as time progressed and I got more time to reflect on things I realized it was time to start my own company.

The benefit of having your own company is that it’s flexible. The downside of having your own company is that it’s flexible…

It’s sooo easy to prioritize everything else - specially as our lives are a little bit impulsive (some would say a lot).  I’ve worked as she’s been a sleep, evenings or whilst I had a babysitter. BUT, it’s definitely not ideal and after “having done everything at the same time” for a while I want to “not do everything at the same time”.

With Valeria I was super ready to work already after 4-5 months. So, this time that’s my hard deadline. I’m open for it being different this time but for now my hard deadline therefore will be July. We just have to figure everything else around it by then.

That feels great!