The tired post...

Yup…this is another post about being tired…remember I wrote about it earlier? You can read it here otherwise.

But bare with me, I have an idea. Let’s play the game “switch the word “tired” to another word like “happy” instead “to change my mindset.

So, what made/makes me”happy” lately?

  • It made me happy when Valeria got a cold last week and couldn’t fall asleep one night until 3am and then the next night woke up at 5am.

  • It makes me happy when we don’t have an elevator and I carry Valeria first down to the stroller and then up some stairs with the stroller and then down again to get out. I’m too happy to count the stairs to give you the exact amount.

…OK.HANG.ON!…this didn’t turn out as funny as I thought it would…

Let’s change it to the other way around instead…

Let’s write what makes me happy as though it makes me tired instead…

  • It makes me “tired” that I didn’t have to carry 23kg worth of groceries because I found a good delivery online.

  • It makes me “tired” that my husband is home this week because he’s so funny and I want to spend every week, day, hour, second! with him.

  • It makes me “tired” that Valeria usually sleeps 8pm to 7am because I get so much chill out time in the evening.

There we go - that was better :D

and to finish it of with a tired picture 😅