Pregnancy Update Week 32

Time for another update on pregnancy. Entered week 32 this weekend!


  • Common to start waddling at this point as hip joints are softening. BUT waddled less after going to the gym twice last week. Made a huge difference to this stiff body so will definitely prioritize minimum 2 sessions a week.

  • Realised I stopped working by this time during my first pregnancy. Was the best choice I made! This time I’m stepping up because I haven’t been able to get anything done the last couple of weeks. Don’t worry, stepping up means max, max, MAX 10 hours a week. And love working, it keeps me sane.

  • Hormonal dips = 1 AND kind of could make it go away through hanging out at my brothers house.

  • Nesting nesting nesting, mooooore than I did with Valeria


  • Kicking, KICking, KICKING even to the extent that my husband tells me in the morning how he felt her kicking on his back when I’m the big spoon at night (YES, we variate who’s the big/small spoon)

  • She will be about 39 cm end of this week and way 1,95kg

  • Fruit/vegetable wise baby is now the size of a winter squash, squash or head of romaine lettuce depending on the app I check.

  • She may lie head down already now, but I doubt it. I think she will come in breech just like her big sister did….

Big sister Valeria

  • Still has no clue she’s getting a baby sister…


You see - noooo clue....