Pregnancy Update Week 31

As we’re starting to get closer to THE due date I thought I’d have some more regular updates on the pregnancy.

So, what’s going on during this week?

  • size of baby will be about 37 cm and way around 1.76kg at the end of this week. Fruit wise that’s either a winter squash, a large cabbage or a summer cantaloupe depending on the app I check!

  • organs are almost fully developed, lungs take the longest time. Baby just has to gain weight now. AND since I am as well I have retired all trousers and will now attempt a “super comfy clothes but lighten it up with bling bling accessories” kind of life.

  • it’s cramped in my belly and my stomach is now so big that it’s affecting my mobility - word!

  • body may have begun to react with contractions when you do to much which is sign to ease up a bit - well, word again on that one!

  • every breath requires about 20 percent more oxygen and more carbon dioxide. Well, that explains the breathlessness and why I’m so slow!

  • Body is preparing for the delivery and I’ll sleep worse, wake up more often and will have a hard time concentrating. Hmmm, don’t think this is a new one to be honest…haha

  • It’s common to become introvert because of the mental preparation for parenthood and for the delivery - well still not the case, I’ve been dying to socialize because Valeria has been sick and husband has been away travelling.