Week 29 oops I mean week 30

Started writing this a week ago when I was 29 weeks pregnant. But time flew by and here I am being 30 weeks (29+5) pregnant. The summary still applies though….I think

  • Less hormonal and don’t have as many mood swings as I did a couple of weeks ago. This miiiiiigt have something to do with the fact that I basically stopped eating cookies and candy (except for once a week) as I found out I have digestive diabetes. At least my husband thinks so….let’s say no

  • Happier in general…well yes, if you don’t count weird stuff going on right now that is not in my control, I’m generally a much happier person than earlier in the pregnancy.

  • loooots of movement. Yup! Feels like this one is moving more than Valeria did. Maybe a kind warning for what’s to come?….Oh shit!….

  • tired but know my limits…this one definitely applies. You’ll have me resting when Valeria does most of the times. Or bribing her with youtube so that I can rest a bit more, or read books in the bed…haha

  • go easier to bed early. Read 9 preferably 8. Except for when she decides to stay up until 3am because she was getting a cold, or when my husband travels because I find it difficult to fall asleep without him…oh shit..that’s this whole week…lets scrap this point…

  • wake up earlier in the morning… YES! I started waking up before Valeria. Isn’t that charming…  

  • Totallyy fine hanging out by myself…well not this week…I’m one of those mum’s currently that you meet that you can TELL haven’t met anyone for a while and really needs to get out. A little bit starry eyed (from coffee), always smiling (because it’s so nice to get out of the house), overly social (even talks to the cashier for a while which is totally weird in Sweden)


That early fresh morning look while toddler is still sleeping. Normally I would say don’t mind the mess, but DO MIND THE MESS - Me having energy to build Ikea stuff is pretty epic!