The honest ups and downs today

Yup - it’s one of those days - one of those days when I’m not quite feeling it, one of those days when it feels like I’m not getting anything done. I know I am, but it’s slow, feel impatient. But have to remember it’s long-term, long-term, long-term - all about priorities with life and company.

The honest ups

  • Had a really good meeting last Friday with Röda Tråden who are helping me produce my first samples of the nursing bras.

  • Got connected a while ago with another awesome person Angelique Fihn who also has her own lingerie company Angelique Fihn Lingerie. We’re like yin and yang so the last couple of weeks we’re bouncing ideas and helping each other - truly awesome! Check out her awesome instagram page angeliquefihn_lingerie AND she’s about to release a kickstarter…

  • Valeria only naps once a day now and still falls asleep for the full night between 7-8pm (truly greatful for this - other mums, you know what I’m talking about)

  • A big change is coming which I’m really looking forward to. Will tell you more when I have more info.

  • I’m truly grateful I did grocery shopping online yesterday that’s coming already this evening. No need to carry anything - woop woop!

The honest downs

  • Started getting pain in my pelvis from the pregnancy (23 weeks now)

  • Valeria is incredibly unhappy in the stroller at the moment - and since I’m to tired to run after her it feels limiting what we do now during the day (any tips?)

  • Husband is away for maybe 1-2 weeks. Stuff has to get done so we pepp each other but sometimes it just feels shitty. I mentioned I’m addicted to him…

  • A LOT of admin with “the big change” and trying to combine it with building my company is NOT the easiest. Specially now that my babysitter started studying and has limited time to help out.

This day definitely needs some puns! Here we go…