The vicious circle of bribing

I’ve had some juggles with Valeria lately. I’ll admit it… it’s not her… it’s totally me. Mostly because I’m trying to fit my pregnant life style going on 25 weeks meaning I’m

“tryyyyyying to spend as little energy as possible running after her”

as apparently it

“takes a lot of energy producing another daughter in my belly” (keep forgetting this).

This kind of conflicts with Valeria’s lifestyle “I’m now 13 months old, have been walking since 9 months so I’m going to start running and will complain if you put me in the stroller”.

I have to say, I don’t doubt her. As frustrated as she was NOT being able to walk already at 5 months I now wish her all the running in the world! So, as you might understand this means we have very different goals at the moment. Which leads to her not wanting to sit in the stroller for that long and for me wanting her to sit in the stroller for very long…

…so going somewhere has been a “bribing kind of show”. As in from the moment we’ve stepped outside… giving her something to eat until she gets tired of that after 10 min and then just complains for the rest of the way.

BUT I’ve seen the light now! A friend of mine recommended me to switch the stroller seat so she faces me again and knock on wood but so far it’s been working. I still bribe her but to a much less extent!