Plan for the week

My sister in law asked me yesterday what plans I have this week. Realized I got a bit startled. I looooved to plan my weeks before. Filled out my calendar with everything from work stuff, dates with friends to different workouts I was going to.

I’ve laid that off….

….but been unaware of it…

....and still love it... 

…so when she asked me I actually got a bit startled realizing I didn’t have anything planned. I wing it a little bit too much these days. So I made some stuff up. Or didn’t exactly make it up but rather mentioned stuff that’s not really plans. Like eating breakfast by myself is a plan… I think you get my point.

So here I am - trying to sort out my week and fill it with lots of stuff. Also because husband is away and therefore want week to go quick and what’s a better way than to plan things.

So here we go - plans for the week

  • To do as many activities as possible so that it will be enjoyable and be quick as I’m by myself with Valeria. Already managed to squeeze in two play-dates and work today - woop woop!

  • Actually do my pregnancy work outs - my body is retiring…it’s not even fun. As I’m entering week 23 it’s completely starting to feel like I’m living in a very old persons body.

  • Finish company budget - have a basic one but need to get this one done.

  • Order food online - will help with the second bullet point - goal is to carry as little as possible and online grossery shopping is amazing for that.


    Now let’s get this baby bump out of the sofa...