Flight cancelled

Sometimes it just happens.

You know those times when you’re really excited and on your way to the airport? or wait....you’ve had a full on schedule, and kind of enjoyed being by yourself for a bit, so it is on your way to the airport you realise how excited you are to see your family again. SO as you’re on your way to the airport you are happy that it’s only a few hours left before you get to see them again.

This was me yesterday. Had it all lined up. Late night direct flight and even managed to score an empty seat next to me after a man asked me to switch because he wanted to sit next to his wife. Win win and win!

Put on my awesome headphones that shuts me out of the rest of the world, put on a series I and boooom relaxed.

Then! piloted starts talking...as they usually do...but I catch the phrase at the end “...hopefully we will lift”.

Now, I’ve been on “a few” flights and normally don’t listen that carefully but THAT caught my attention. They usually don’t say THAT!

Didn’t have to wait for long, pilot spoke again. Air space was “too full”, which meant our take of time wouldn’t be until in another 1 hour and 20 min AND by that time airport of arrival would have closed. This meant also our flight was cancelled! We were told to leave the plane and go to the info desk at arrivals.  

As I’m super fast thinking and super ultra fast at the moment (being pregnant gives you these superpowers) I started walking my fastest. Plan was to walk past as many as I could to get ahead in the queue I know going to happen. At the same time I checked what other flights there were AND walked straight out of where you picked up your luggage and the flight company desk with the large queue....thinking suckers...they’re in the wrong place...there’s a desk outside and I will be the first!

...or maybe not so much...There was no one at that desk and I couldn’t get back in again to the luggage area...I was the sucker!

...so...“A couple of minutes” and “a bit of queuing” later (I was the last one) I was on my way to a hotel night having had my flight rebooked for a non direct one super early in the morning instead.

Tadaaaaa all good and some more unexpected alone time. I mean, what am I gonna do 😂 (although I admit I was super annoyed and tired and juuuuust wanted to get to hubby and daughter instantly)


Luckily I’m never alone and V2 kept me company. 


A VERY early morning!