Gestational Diabetes

Here we go - Being 25 weeks pregnant means more check ups and a glucose test. So this week has been a “testing” week (pun definitely intended). I was at the midwife, took some blood tests, measured the belly and listened to the heart beat. Always cool to listen because I still haven’t really realized we have another daughter in there. Felt safe that everything looks okay. 

Then yesterday I did a glucose test. They do this to discover any gestational diabetes you might get when you’re pregnant. When you’re pregnant your body needs 2-3 times more insulin but due to various reasons it might have difficulties producing this. You fast for 8 hours (no food or drinks) then take a blood test, drink a a glucose concentrated drink (200ml that contains 75g of glucose), they take a second blood sample after an hour and then a third blood sample after another hour.

When I did this test during the first pregnancy I had no idea that I was supposed to be there for about 2-3 hours. So when they told me to sit down and wait for 2 hours after the first blood sample I was truly surprised. Then quickly realized I had gotten unexpected chill time of work and then got happy again.

This time I was more prepared and was watching Netflix in a comfy chair to pass the time which was really nice. I wasn’t, however, prepared for the test result - I have gestational diabetes! I mean really?! Have to admit I was pretty confused when the nurse started going through how I have to take my blood sugar 7 times a day the coming two weeks to begin with. My confusion didn’t get any better from the fact I still hadn’t had any breakfast or coffee and it was now 11 am in the morning which means 1+1 to me equaled 5….haha.

So yesterday I had a day of - “what did I do wrong? how could I have prevented this? what do I/We need to do to make it better? How will this effect V2? etc”…

…after this morning when I got further information (I was the only one there) I got back on track - “This is fine! We will definitely fix this! good thing they noticed now! very thankful it will hopefully go away after I give birth! baby is safe! I couldn’t have done anything different! will be interesting to see how my body reacts to different foods through keeping track on blood sugar!”

So here we go


During the test when I had to drink this lovely sugary lime flavoured drink  

My new best friend that will help me keep track!

My new best friend that will help me keep track!