Awesome weekend

We had such an ultra delux prepped chilled weekend! Brace yourselves, this will be a long post...

Bags were packed in time (who am I kidding, packed last minute), snacks had been purchased (on the way to the airport), Valeria had been hyped that we were travelling (actually forgot to but kind of told her on the way to the airport).

Oh and did I mention that hubby landed 3 hours before our flight from his work trip. He had been on a flight for 15+ hours and was kind of jet lagged so we kind of had the “perfect” energy (after my night where Valeria woke up every hour of the night) that’s required to fly with a one year old. we started our time at the airport with a coffee. AND after various games and imaginative ways to entertain our daughter on the flight we high fived each other in the rental car for not having snapped at each other, thinking we’re starting to get good at this. 

Favourite parts of the weekend

...had some super duper chill time at a spa hubby and I where we caught up on some hours of sleep. Feeling amazingly greatfull for family that helps us a lot and this time peters sister and her family who took care of Valeria 🙌

…met with some awesome friends whom I haven’t seen for a while and solved world problems.

…ate lots of good food



...ate more good food... 

kind of sums it all 🙌