I own horses

..not the living breathing kind but they are indeed racing ones.

I’m talking about the horses in a game you usually see at an amusement park. That game where you have to roll a ball into a hole for your horse to move forward. First horse across the finish line wins.

In my mind, this is the game I play. To me each horse represents a part of my company. Something I have to do. And they all have to reach the finish line. Product development, market research, brand building, finding producers, logistics, admin stuff, sales….. All of the horses have to reach the finish line. I won’t always be able to move all of them at the same time but if one of them is stuck for any reason I can be on alert and move some of the others in the meantime. It gives me an overview, a mental picture of how to prioritize. Not all horses are worth moving. Some horses have to get to the finish line first but are slower, and some will be faster at getting there once the first ones have finished.

My horses are how I see my life, how I see the things that need to move forward, my to do list, my motivation and reminder to keep going because eventually they will reach the finish line. Even when it doesn’t feel like things are moving forward, they are. It’s just one of the horses in the back moving forward. So although it doesn’t look like the front horse is getting closer to the finish line they will all cross eventually.

Earlier this week when I definitely was doing some heavy thinking about what horse to move forward……