Lazy Sunday

You know those days when everything just fits perfectly! You literally feel like you can take over the world!

THAT was my morning! Got to sleep in an extra hour, went to a playground and took some nice photos, discovered I’d matched Valeria’s sweater with the leaves, took some more beautiful pictures, (I mean who doesn’t want to match their clothes to the seasons...), made an awesome pasta that we both loved despite the feta cheese being a bit too old (still tasted ok).... 

....then came the afternoon...the dip... the legendary downhill...the awesomest laziest Sunday - THEEE LAZY SUNDAY. Didn’t do shit for rest of the day and even the dinner was shit (Valeria threw it in the floor and I have to admit I wanted to as well...haha) so now treating you with the nice pictures from this morning 😂  


Matching the leaves 🍁 


Stole someone else’s toy!


Rest of the day!