Do you ever do things alone?

I do. Even went on holiday by myself a couple of years ago. Although I’m never alone these days with my bump V2  

Hence today’s mood

...felt keen on having a typical Saturday breakfast out

...found a new place I haven’t tried

...had a babysitter so I could enjoy it by myself. (Husband still travelling) 

 ...because I’m by myself I got a table right away

...the table happened to be a chair at another table with 5 Finnish speaking girls  

...the 5 Finnish speaking girls must have thought I was a pregnant person

...I couldn’t care less the place looked amazing! 

FullSizeRender.jpg was amazing


...listened to an awesome podcast to entertain myself and wrote majority of this post.  “Framgångspodden”

...had a good start to the day

...decided to find another cafe to try out afterwards and get some work done. One with power outlets (my computer dies otherwise) 

...went shopping instead, I was on a role and found some styles for my bump. Comfy and classy I’d like to call it (although my fashion interest is limited and I want to be comfortable, I still want to look good)