A new benefit of being pregnant...

I’m becoming incredibly forgetful. To the point that my previous superpower skills do not work any more. I had the superpower to see where my husband put is phone, keys or wallet to save us time for when we’re exiting the house.

“Your wallet is under the book that’s to the left of the sofa on the floor underneath that sqooshi toy” type of superpower.

I know…. he should be able to keep a track on these things himself but that’s just one of the strengths and weaknesses where we complete each other so deal with it.

Well… now this superpower has disappeared… and I’m even finding it hard to keep track of my own phone, keys and wallet. Luckily I have a wallet case for my phone so if I find the phone I find the wallet.

BUT today this served me good - this afternoon our babysitter texted me to ask if she could come earlier as she finished class already. I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN she was coming today! So not only was I happy she was, but ALSO that she could come earlier :) I had mentally prepared myself for not getting anything done today….

…So…a new benefit of being pregnant…you get some good surprises during the day :D Win Win!

Haven’t forgotten about this really nice spa where I was at last Saturday! This is the “cold bath pool”. I definitely didn’t go in that one 😂 

Haven’t forgotten about this really nice spa where I was at last Saturday! This is the “cold bath pool”. I definitely didn’t go in that one 😂 

The honest ups and downs today

Yup - it’s one of those days - one of those days when I’m not quite feeling it, one of those days when it feels like I’m not getting anything done. I know I am, but it’s slow, feel impatient. But have to remember it’s long-term, long-term, long-term - all about priorities with life and company.

The honest ups

  • Had a really good meeting last Friday with Röda Tråden who are helping me produce my first samples of the nursing bras.

  • Got connected a while ago with another awesome person Angelique Fihn who also has her own lingerie company Angelique Fihn Lingerie. We’re like yin and yang so the last couple of weeks we’re bouncing ideas and helping each other - truly awesome! Check out her awesome instagram page angeliquefihn_lingerie AND she’s about to release a kickstarter…

  • Valeria only naps once a day now and still falls asleep for the full night between 7-8pm (truly greatful for this - other mums, you know what I’m talking about)

  • A big change is coming which I’m really looking forward to. Will tell you more when I have more info.

  • I’m truly grateful I did grocery shopping online yesterday that’s coming already this evening. No need to carry anything - woop woop!

The honest downs

  • Started getting pain in my pelvis from the pregnancy (23 weeks now)

  • Valeria is incredibly unhappy in the stroller at the moment - and since I’m to tired to run after her it feels limiting what we do now during the day (any tips?)

  • Husband is away for maybe 1-2 weeks. Stuff has to get done so we pepp each other but sometimes it just feels shitty. I mentioned I’m addicted to him…

  • A LOT of admin with “the big change” and trying to combine it with building my company is NOT the easiest. Specially now that my babysitter started studying and has limited time to help out.

This day definitely needs some puns! Here we go…


Plan for the week

My sister in law asked me yesterday what plans I have this week. Realized I got a bit startled. I looooved to plan my weeks before. Filled out my calendar with everything from work stuff, dates with friends to different workouts I was going to.

I’ve laid that off….

….but been unaware of it…

....and still love it... 

…so when she asked me I actually got a bit startled realizing I didn’t have anything planned. I wing it a little bit too much these days. So I made some stuff up. Or didn’t exactly make it up but rather mentioned stuff that’s not really plans. Like eating breakfast by myself is a plan… I think you get my point.

So here I am - trying to sort out my week and fill it with lots of stuff. Also because husband is away and therefore want week to go quick and what’s a better way than to plan things.

So here we go - plans for the week

  • To do as many activities as possible so that it will be enjoyable and be quick as I’m by myself with Valeria. Already managed to squeeze in two play-dates and work today - woop woop!

  • Actually do my pregnancy work outs - my body is retiring…it’s not even fun. As I’m entering week 23 it’s completely starting to feel like I’m living in a very old persons body.

  • Finish company budget - have a basic one but need to get this one done.

  • Order food online - will help with the second bullet point - goal is to carry as little as possible and online grossery shopping is amazing for that.


    Now let’s get this baby bump out of the sofa... 


What type of packer are you?

After my last flight I came to think of packing. Such an interesting topic right? I mean packing your luggage, unpacking luggage, how much do you bring etc etc disregard if it’s travelling with work or for leisure. 

  • The “packs their luggage in time” person. Packs a week ahead of the trip. Usually has coordinated everything down to outfits assigned to each day and everything is neatly placed in the suitcase. Unpacks the same day as they get back, does laundry and there will be no trace of any travelling having been done within 3 hours of arriving back home again. 
  • The “packs 3 days a head”person. Usually checks in their suit case because they have had time to add things to their suitcase everyday before travelling. So it ends up being a big bag instead of hand luggage. Brings extra outfits in case one changes their minds about what to wear. Takes them the same amount of time to unpack when they arrive home.
  • The “Packs the evening before” person. Only in rare cases does this person check in their bag. (As in if they’re forced to by the gate) 
  • The  “Packs the same morning” person. Usually manages to get some things in there but also usually not. This person rarely unpacks at all as she/he is a frequent traveller. 

What kind of packer are you? and which one do you think I am? 


When things don’t go as planned

Ok, I was totally gonna write and post yesterday. A really funny one... A really funny one that actually makes you laugh... A really funny one that actually makes you laugh and gives you something to think about...A really funny one that actually makes you laugh, gives you something to think about AND gives you a ahaaaa moment...

You get my point...not hyping this at all...haha

But! it was one of those days when I just couldn’t get it together. A good friend reminded me at lunch time to “only do what’s necessary”. So switched to that mood. Which meant not writing.  Unfortunately as I do kind of enjoy that (in case you haven’t noticed).  

Wanted to show you a picture of what this looks like but kind of hard to capture the moment so throwing you a nice pun instead  


Time to Fly again....

Or actually now we already have flown. Never had time to post this before the flight 😂 so I’ve added how it really went in cursive after each bullet point 

The does and don’ts have changed since last time:

  • she’s now 13 months, fully mobile and running around like crazy  (managed to keep her in the stroller through not having that much time before the flight and bribing her with food)
  • bribing with snacks is a big YES! if I want her to stay in the stroller and not run around after her.  (Yup did this)
proof of bribe 

proof of bribe 

  • flying in the evening is a big no, unless they dim the lights, in which she falls asleep immediately.  (Didn’t fall asleep this flight either, luckily it was a short one)

  • Babblarna or other youtube videos downloaded offline are also a big YES! unless I want her to wriggle down on the floor and say hi to everyone’s feet. Could be fun too but not stretching it…  (babblarna did NOT work this time. Luckily I had some other stuff downloaded which did)

I suspect this is one of the last flights alone with her myself…..my belly is growing….there’s no room for her soon to sit in my lap….  (Confirmed - this was last time! My belly was a little bit too much in the way...haha)

Entertainment in action. Safety card is also a big hit. Me = feeling squashed by baby externally and internally. 

Entertainment in action. Safety card is also a big hit. Me = feeling squashed by baby externally and internally. 

Wish us luck!  (Overall went really well, although def exhausted now! There’s a big difference now flying with her. She’s not a toddler anymore but feels more like a little person who will listen to stories etc)


Bus to the gate



Entertainment whilst waiting for bag.  

Current Parental Hacks

  • Putting a plastic carpet underneath her chair in the kitchen. One of those you normally use under office chairs to make them roll better. Result = so much easier to clean underneath when she consistently keeps dropping food. Thank you sister-in-law for that tip!

  • Playground that has fences. Disregard how little the opening is to the entrance of the playground my daughter wants to run out if it's not closed.

  • Babysitter in the day rather than the evening. I for one am so tired in the evenings any way. So if I go out for dinner it’s a snooze party.

  • Do not make any decisions before I had my morning coffee…I tend to get super emotional and things seem a lot tougher to do without it. Life savior!

  • “Good enough” is ringing in my ear right now - something that I funnily enough despised before because I was always going to be the best! Delivery pizza for lunch? Yes please make it 2!

  • Think - what would I do today if I was alone?…to get ideas of what to do…then modify (as going to a spa might not be the most suitable place for a one year old) and just do it. Most of the times for me currently it’s going to “open pre-school” which is a hang out place for other parents and kids. You can talk to people (or be quiet if you prefer) and your kid can run around and play with toys they don’t normally see. What my daughter did last time? Was obsessed with going up and down the stairs to the slide, no going down the slide, just up and down the slide…..for hours…..

  • Make funny pictures on the phone - although she still seems grumpy sometimes at least she seems interested…haha

  • Taught her how to eat food cold, so I don’t have to heat it up every time.


Who eats the violet licorice?

We have to talk about something

What type of person actually likes the licorice in “Salt och Blandat” that has a taste of violet?

  • Those pieces that always seem to be the majority in the bag…

  • Those three edged pieces that I’ve accidentally eaten too many times…

  • The ones that I always save until last and then when I’m desperate enough actually finish them….

Who are you?

I imagine that you wear glasses, eat tacos on Friday evenings and wear black in the winter (or majority of the year). I don’t think you’re a vegetarian but you tell people you are and you probably work out about 6-7 times a week.

It’s Friday Evening….. I’m bored….who ARE YOU?


Living in a collective

I’ve always suspected it. I blame my childhood for it (growing up in a big family with 4 brothers).

...I would love to live in a collective. (Darling, my husband, you know this already and agree with me) 

But imagine the following

  • there’s always someone you can talk to (or be quiet with) when you get home from a long day. Someone will always be in the mood for a chat (or be quiet)
  • There’s always someone to cook food with, or eat dessert with, or late night snack with, or have wine with (ok I’m getting carried away now, I know)
  • There’s always someone that can watch your baby when you have to run out and get something in the store, or go to the gym (that would be amazing!)
  •  There’s always someone you can borrow clothes from. Unless they’re not the same size as you, which often is the case for me now being pregnant. But at least you can influence their choice of warderobe and tell them to get really stretchy clothes then so that they can fit you too. 
  • There’s always someone that cares about it being tidy so you will care about it too just enough to do the dishes that late evening. Or just arrange a cleaner once a week (if you hate cleaning like I do) 

Anyone else?  


Newly found superpower skills...

Realized that becoming a parent has given me some new superpower skills.

  • Super ultra strong - Increased my shoulder strength - I can definitely lift heavier weights at the gym these days

  • Super ultra awareness - Be on constant alert if she decides to jump down the sofa, stairs or any other height that she has yet to learn.

  • Super ultra rechargeable- Being able to reset my mental to-do list or daily targets - I thought I had learned how to do this from my previous job (where priorities constantly changed) but little did I know…

  • Super ultra idea generator - Brainstorm and come up with ideas like crazy - if you’ve had a toddler on a plane for more than 3 hours (actually let me rephrase that to 1 hour) in a row you know what I’m talking about.

Valeria’s superpower skill is definitely being able to eat at the same time as sucking her thumb. They call it comfort food for a reason….hahaha

Valeria’s superpower skill is definitely being able to eat at the same time as sucking her thumb. They call it comfort food for a reason….hahaha


...hanging around (pun definitely intended). What should I do with them? Realising more and more that  

  1. most of my clothes don’t fit me at the moment so there’s no point in keeping them in my warderobe.  
  2. Sorting them out is definitely an option but are they even worth saving? will I even wear them again?
  3. it took me about 6 months to get into them again after the first pregnancy
  4. at which time I realised that most of my clothes were work related and not very suitable or comfortable to sit on floors (entertaining the baby) in...
  5. and that most of them will be out of fashion by the next time they will fit me...
  6. and I don’t even think they will be appropriate for the climate I’m planning on living in then...

Who wants some clothes?!!!! 


a less successful attempt ordering some maternity clothes from Asos. 

Learnings from birthday parties

We’ve had a weekend filled with birthday parties. Both Saturday and Sunday. It’s been....lets call it interesting.

Interesting as in when you use it in the English language for when something isn’t interesting at all but rather catastrophic! Not like when you use it in the Swedish language and actually mean that it’s interesting. 


  • Valeria will not sleep at all during days like these. 
  • Drink an extra cup of coffee as Valeria will not sleep at all during those days
  • other kids at parties are amazing because the effect of “acting as a herd”  kicks in and they all run around following each other.
  • I will not disturb my daughter when she’s in the “acting as a herd” mood. She wants to be left alone and continuously walk up and down stairs if there are any. If disturbed she will throw herself backwards and scream without any thought that she will hit the floor.
  • Did I mention she didn’t sleep at all during these days... 



Best part of the weekend, when my husband made me a sandwich. Mostly cause I would eat his otherwise but any ways :) 


My bump is starting to be useful finally 😂🙌 

Bad Mum or Superwoman?

You know when you read or hear something and it just feels like the biggest epiphany every! Like it was meant to be, like this is what you’ve waited for your whole life (or at least a year) and that you finally feel at home and like things are making sense.

I had this feeling reading the book “Dålig mamma eller superkvinna”. It translates to “Bad mum or superwoman”. Unfortunately only exists in Swedish so far.


Therese Albrechtson has written the book together with Maria Otterling. Therese compiles her own and other women’s experiences to highlight the challenges that affect women who want to have a career at the same time as having a family.

I’M JUST IN LOVE with it so I will have to share some bits. Maybe it will even be a regular type of post….mohhahahaha!!!!!

Stay tuned - will publish some of my favourite bits the coming days.  

  AND have to say - the interviewed women in the book are all my new role models now and source of inspiration.


Importance of Swedish Fika

Let’s talk about something serious!  


  • It’s the phenomenon you’ve probably never heard of if you haven’t been to Sweden.  
  • ....and to be honest can mean some dirty words in other languages. 
  • It’s what drives the staff at work because they get that caffein kick during the day on a regular basis to keep them going. 
  • It’s what brings people together in general - a forum to whine, solve world problems, come up with new world problems, talk about more important stuff such as diets, how you are refurbishing your house etc. 

How it’s done?  

  • Twice a day, usually around 10am and 3pm.  
  • Drink either coffee or tea (although you will be frowned upon if you drink tea) 
  • eat the pastry offered, usually a cinnamonbun or something similar. Don’t decline the pastry, you will be frowned upon again. 

 Proof of importance - it’s scheduled even today at a startup conference that I’m at. See below. 


Other proof of importance  - when I worked as a management consultant Mostly working with municipalities I was usually interrupted when it was time for Fika. If I arrived to the client at 9.30 they stopped me at 10am saying it’s time for Fika. 

Why shorten hours you work per day when you can increase the amount of Fika

Back to me being a tech geek

I know this is a SUPER materialistic problem which is not really a problem, but more of a problem I’m creating for myself because I CAN NOT DECIDE….

Here it comes….

…Should I buy the new Iphone or not?!!!!

It seems terribly expensive - but at the same time I’m the type of person that uses my phone as a computer/phone/camera. I use it for everything - I plan MY LIFE in it! I have APPS for EVERYTHING …

So what do you think?

(Feeling very indecisive)


Getting out of the house

This may seem like a weird title but if you have kids you might feel the same. Could just be me of course that sometimes have days where I’ve booked something, it gets cancelled and then it seems like the day has just disappeared and it’s easier to just stay at home instead. 

My tips and tricks to get out of the house  of course my very professional opinion: 

  • Drink an extra cup of coffee in the morning and mentally set your mind the night before on what you're going to do.
  • Start getting ready 2 hours before you actually have to leave the house. 
  • Be prepared to have to change diaper and clothes just before you're leaving. As it for some reason always tends to happen then.
  • If baby is screaming just rush and get out quickly because they will magically be quiet as soon as you get out.
  • Call for backup like a parent or friend. And worst case someone that will help you.
  • If that doesn't work, give up and give it a go tomorrow

We succeeded this morning, went to kidssongthingi and then had pancake lunch  


I did something scary

You know that feeling when you’re really sure you’re doing the right thing. But then after you’ve done it you’re not so sure any more and start contemplating whether you should have done it or not. Well, I have that specific feeling. It feels scary, so maybe that’s exactly why it was the right thing to do.

I shared my birth story with a website called www.positivforlossning.se Their aim is to help other women through spreading positive birth stories. I had a positiv experience although our daughter came in breech, that’s why I shared my story.

Hoping that someone out there waiting to give birth gets comfort from reading it.

They are looking for more stories to share so please get in touch with them and send them your story if you want to. positivforlossning@gmail.com 

My story is in Swedish but use google translate for other languages.  



What motivates you?

...the possibility of succeeding? 


...the fear of failing?  

In times of being able to reflect I often realize that the reason I don't do things is because I'm afraid of failing. A.F.R.A.I.D O.F F.A.I.L.I.N.G.....how stupid is that! 


I know I'm a cocktail surfer that catches 5 nice waves and then stops, not to ruin the feeling, in case the next wave will smash me. But what does it really mean - fear of failing. To me when it comes to surfing it means I get smashed, a near death experience until I reach the beach again. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit but you get my point. 

But when it comes to other stuff like having the presentation I wasn't properly prepared for, taking on a project or new role I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it always goes okay. Sure, I've failed a lot - but that's when I've also learned the most. 

I guess my thought of the day is I’m gonna continue to remind myself of the possibility of succeeding and stop being afraid of failing!

What motivates you?

Brain undermining my well-being

Why does my brain undermine the well-being of my body sometimes?

I came to think of this yesterday. Been super tired the last couple of evenings and just chilled after putting Valeria to sleep. But yesterday it hit me, I have to go to the gym! Although it doesn’t happen as frequently as before my work outs do happen but in slightly different forms

  • Wrestling Valeria when she doesn’t want to go home from the playground

  • Trying to change her diaper

  • Running after Valeria at playgrounds

  • Doing a form of squats when playing silly games such as squatting and sounding like a lion at the same time. For some reason she thinks this is hilarious so I do it a million times (she has to be messing with me)

So yesterday I decided not to listen to my brain and just went. And it actually felt amazing! and this morning I felt even more amazing!


Will stop listening to my brain and just go.